Where is "there"?

Hi y'all,

My name is Heather. I live in Texas. I was born in Texas. I love Texas.

Correction: I used to love Texas YEAR ROUND... but then I grew up a little, and started paying attention to my surroundings. I started paying attention to the weather, and started a love affair with my air conditioner. Now I love Texas, from about November to April. I don't know what it is, but I just cannot handle this heat anymore. Or how it was 105+ degrees ALL this past weekend. Or how I walk outside to check the mail and I'm sweating. Or my ridiculously high utility bills. So Texas and I are just kind of in a fight right now.

And it's happening at the perfect time.

Why, you ask? Well, here's a little background.

I graduated from Texas A&M University (Whoop!) in May of 2012 with an architecture degree and immediately started working 2 weeks later at a small interior design firm. I always saw myself taking the summer after graduation off, living at my lakehouse for a couple weeks, visiting a friend who was in Belize for the summer, taking it easy, being that spoiled only child that only occasionally slips out. And then WHAM, BAM (thank you?) ma'am... job offer.

In this economy you DON'T turn down a job offer. ESPECIALLY in a design field. I don't know if you've noticed but design jobs are like THE FIRST thing to go in a failing economy. Plus it was a job doing pretty much the exact thing that I described I wanted to do upon graduation. See, I figured out that I didn't want to pursue an extended career in architecture with only approximately 2.5 semesters until graduation. Sooooo I pushed through and got the degree. But that is story for a post on it's own.

Oh yeah, I forgot the most important part. So I took the job, knowing that it would only be for about 15 months and then my boss was moving across the country with her small business and I would be finding a new job. And that 15 months is just about over THIS MONTH. And so this is where I have decided that I kind of want to divorce Texas. At least for a little while. Where? I have no idea.


Actually, my for sure, 100% would move there tomorrow answer is EUROPE (anywhere in the EU) but it's pretty much impossible to move there as an American and find legal work. And I'm not down for illegal work...or getting deported. Yikes.

So as of right now, I'm packing up my apartment and planning a trip to Europe. Just a trip. And then I'll come back to America and find another job. (I'm putting that off as long as possible.) My parents are kind enough to let me use their house as a free storage unit.

And I am facing the biggest unknown that I have ever had to face. Everyone says you'll get there. You'll figure it out. Well, I'm just trying to find out where "there" is. 

Which is exactly why I have started this blog. Because I believe your early twenties are the most confusing, scare the shit out of you, years of your life. And I want to document it. So I can look back and laugh at how ridiculously lost and out of control my life is right now, and be proud of how far I've come.

So grab a drink and join me on this journey. I'm sure it's going to be an entertaining one!


  1. Love this!! I am so excited to see where this journey takes you... I know it'll be a story worth telling! :)

    1. Thanks Meg! Always grateful for your support! Glad we're embarking on this adventure together (although you have a lot more experience under your belt than I do!)

  2. Hi Heather, I saw you post a comment on Helene In Between's blog. I am 28 in a little over a week.. And I started my blog 8 years ago. It is really neat for me to look back on my life through my posts. I met my husband while blogging...got married..became an aunt,had some losses and just recently had my first child.. So be prepared for an exciting ride through your 20's.. I think a trip to Europe sounds like a pretty damn awesome start to your new blog.

    1. Thanks so much Haley! I'm excited to see where just the rest of this year takes me, I can't even begin to think about the rest of my 20s! It's a fabulously confusing time of life... at least, from what I've experienced so far! I hope I post more frequently and keep up with it, as well as make you laugh! Thanks for joining in on the ride!