The Worst Blogger Ever.

So it is official. I am the worst blogger ever.

I knew I wouldn't be super great at it at first, and would probably only post once a week, but it's time to get real. I only posted TWICE in the month of July. TWICE.

That's seriously terrible. And the worst part is, I haven't even been keeping up with the blogs I read. And if I haven't read the latest on other blogs, like I Wore Yoga Pants or even one of my best friend's Megan Minns, then I'm sure as hell not writing posts. In my bloggy world, 99% of the fun is reading other people's blogs and 1% is writing my own. I'm sure as I define this space more, I'll come to love it more. But right now it's like a confused mess, just trying to figure out who it really is... kinda like my girl Miley.

confused miley

**side note, Megan Minn's blog is seriously such an inspiration. She's got her life together a heckofalot more than I do. And she posts the prettiest graphics. She makes me a want to get out my planner, highlighters, and sticky notes and actually get my shit together. Maybe if I keep reading I will actually purchase the Erin Condren planner I've been lusting after. We shall see.

So anywho, why have I been so absent? Let me just tell you. This move back to my parents house has been kicking my butt! Not only does packing seriously stress me out, but once I had moved all of the boxes into my parents garage, I had to go through like my ENTIRE childhood that had been stuffed into my closet at my parents house. Seriously, my mom and I have been taking many trips down memory lane, but it's a sssllllooowwww process. Especially because it seems like mom wants to read everything and remember how sweet and perfect her baby girl (me) was... prior to turning 16.

These are just a few of the gems I found while purging. Kept the sky dancer (duh), tossed the trophies, and cried that I used to be able to run a 6:24 mile and now my life is a joke. So now, the closet is cleaned out, much of my childhood is resurfacing on the shelves of the nearest goodwill, and I finally have like 2 feet of closet space to hang my entire wardrobe. Talk about rough.

I'm still going through box after box, deciding what I absolutely need and what can be packed away until I get to a more permanent location...sooo we'll see how that goes.

Also, last weekend was my friend Abby's bachelorette party. Many of those pictures are not AWH appropriate, so I only posted a few. Lots of phallic symbols and what not. It was such a fun night in Austin and great to catch up with old friends! Friday we went out on 6th street and it was crazy insane. It poured down rain and my feet were practically broken by the end of the night, but it was so worth it! Saturday was the lingerie shower and then we rented a boat and drove around Lake Travis. The majority of the day was spent in the party cove just floating in the water and drinking vodka injected Capri Suns, jello shots, and lots of beer. We were all so done by the end of the day that we passed out before making it out to 6th street. But honestly, I'll take a party boat over 6th street anyday!

This weekend/next week I have a trip to an undisclosed location planned. I'm super excited for it and it might even lead to calling said "undisclosed location" my next "home". Next week you'll find out why I can't tell you exactly where I'm going. That is... if I post next week.

I promise I'll be a better blogger. Maybe.


  1. I'm with you, reading other blogs is much more fun than writing your own.

  2. Meant to post on this comment a while ago, but I love the way you write!! And I was never good at blogging consistently until I made myself blog everyday. It's a challenge at times but I've really learn to love the way it pushes me. Though sometimes it inevitably means a late night *cough* like tonight *cough* :) Even if you only post monthly, I'm looking forward to reading many more posts from you!